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The Barrier Frames: Finality Crystal Shunt Curl Chant Quickening Giveaway Stare

The Barrier Frames screen shot
Screen shot from The Barrier Frames

This work comprises 9 very densely layered “nested simultaneities”. It is an almost pure spatial hypertext. The only structuring is clusters inside clusters nested several layers deep. This work does not use the diagram syntax as do so many of my other electronic works. It was originally published by Eastgate Systems, and is reissued in a multiplatform version for download here.

The layers within each cluster are not intended to be “alternatives”; rather they are components which are meant to be combined into a whole effect, like sounds of a musical composition played simultaneously. This simultaneity, or “equivalenced time”, is an abstraction that the reader must just infer.

After-effect at the closing of the frames. Mesh as a whole single bell.