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Diffractions through: Thirst weep ransack (frailty) veer tide elegy

Diffractions through screen shot
Screen shot from Diffractions through

Diffractions through: Thirst weep ransack (frailty) veer tide elegy is the successor to Intergrams, and was originally published by Eastgate Systems. It is reissued in a multiplatform version for download here. Simultaneities in this work include polylinear "word nets" and subdiagrams. (Note the screen shot on my home page is an extraction from this work.)

I had been at work on this piece but a short time when the sad news arrived that John Cage had died. John’s death transformed the writing of this piece; I might perhaps have called it Re and Not Re John Cage. At that time I found myself repeating a phrase that other friends also found helpful: “John Cage: Not in memoriam but in use, in continuous use.” This work represents an infinitesimal fragment of that continuous use.