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Word Installations

I hope to have documentation from these pieces scanned and available here at some time in the future.

Temporary Poetry 10/73
An installation erected at les Salons Vides in San Francisco. Following an idea from the painter Mary Jean Kenton, who moved from painted rectangles on canvas to using colored rectangles each on its own graphic space, this piece utilized words each lettered on its own graphic space using a drafting instrument. The words were arranged in the space (on walls, floors, outside railings, etc.) in word piles and polylinear word nets. Included in the installation were such non-word objects as a large stone and a long strip-chart displaying an oscillogram of Ezra Pound reading from The Cantos.

Permanent and Temporary Poetry 5/75
An installation erected at The Kitchen in NY. This continued the above work, and added pieces using the diagram notation (as in Intergrams and Diagrams Series 4.) It is my recollection that this marks the first public display of any of my diagram work. Included in the diagrams were some non-word elements; for instance one terminal node where normally words would be found instead simply terminated on a window, meaning that the item at that node was whatever the viewer saw out the window.